Motion Graphics and Animation

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Vine - "the twitter for videos" - limits video uploads to a maximum of 6 seconds. Primarily created through the use of the proprietary Vine App, Vines are uploaded and viewable on both smartphones and web browsers. A unique App interface makes rough "stop motion" animation possible.

Most of these student videos were created with the Vine App. However, some students were able to (legally) "hack" the App and upload videos they created using alternate software.

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The website is the largest site for sharing images in the animated GIF format. Quickly defined, a GIF is similar to a JPG but has the ability to use animation (which often loops in a constant cycle). Once thought to be a "passé" format, GIFs have recently experienced a rebirth are now frequently used on the web and social media.

Students create GIFs with Photoshop to learn the basics of "timeline animation" before they begin using the more complex timeline-based software After Effects.

Designer Quotes

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To learn how to animate type in creative ways, students are asked to find a quote from a famous artist and designer. Student are first asked to create a poster using the quote as a means to help them connect a familiar "static format" with the less familiar "motion format."

The posters are then used as a basis to create the animation.

Information Graphics

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Once students have learned the essential technology of the software they are using, they begin to use motion graphics as a means of communicating ideas.

Information Graphics are short animations that share a thought, explain something or tell a story.


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#SSUgivesback was an exciting opportunity for Video and Animation for Multimedia students to work with Salem State Institutional Advancement to develop an awareness raising campaign for Giving Tuesday.

Global Day of Service

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This assignment challenged students to raise awareness about an issue or a cause as a means of encouraging participation in the annual Global Day of Service.

Mobile App Design

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Motion graphics are incredibly useful in explaining and "pitching" an idea.

Students are asked first to invent and design a new Mobile App. They then must create an animated video to demonstrate and explain as if they were using the video to “pitch” their new product to investors.