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Brian Alves

Artist, Designer, Educator

Currently an Associate Professor of Interactive Multimedia at Salem State University, Brian Alves was previously the Chair of the Department of Design at Johnson & Wales University’s School of Engineering & Design. He has been an artist, designer, curator and educator for 25 years.

He once studied with a Priestess of the West African Indigenous Religion while living with a group of Nigerian batik artists and has even cleaned a large concrete floor with only a Q-Tip while studying with Allan Kaprow – a pioneer of the “Happening.”

An explorer at heart, Brian's creative form and medium adapts to accomodate the idea at hand. In his work you will find equal parts idea and form, code and material, whimsey and earnestness. Underlying much of his work is the desire to reconstruct and redefine “authoritative systems of knowledge.” Cultural, social and emotional identity are also at play though often implicit in the work.

Brian is also a designer with expertise in Branding, Identity, Illustration, Graphic Design, UI/UX, Interface Design, and Code.

Brian proudly studied Intermedia and Video Art in the University of Iowa's Intermedia Department in the mid 90's.

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